Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Downhill-bed-luge-skijump-fencing tournament.

Yes. It IS as awesome as it sounds. First, let me state that this exercise is, as of yet, purely theoretical.
First, two queen size beds are placed on wheels. They start off next to each other. Two people get on each bed, one in front (the driver) and one in the back (the swordsman). The driver just turns the wheels to keep the bed within it's track (path down the hill). On the call of "CRRRRAAAAAZZZZYYYY!" both beds are released and speed down a steep hill (Preferably in San Fransisco). While they are speeding down the hill, the swordsmen attempt to get in as many hits upon the other swordsman as possible. They may not leave their bed. After the beds hit the ski jump and are airborne, both driver and swordsman do tricks to earn points before hitting the water. Bonus points for landing on their own mattress. The more hits and the more outrageous the trick, the better the score. Physically, it's dangerous. Mentally, it's crazy. Personally, I can't wait!

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