Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunday Afternoons

I get so bored on the weekends. The week is full of things to do. You can go shopping, there are good shows on, summer activities with your friends, and pretty much everything else. The weekend is a lonely time. There's nothing to do, everybody usually has plans, and I sit in my room and be bored out of my mind. The problem is that when I get bored, I tend to get a little antsy. I'm not a genius, but I'm pretty creative and smart. Those traits along with boredom can equal a problematic combination. Of course it can also be the source of much amusement. It is during boredom that I come up with things like downhill-bed-luge-skijump-fencing and the Flying Cheesecake Fortress of Doom. I would try to gain access to my schools chem lab so I could experiment,but they lock up all the fun stuff. Liquid nitrogen ground-surfing. YES! Another brilliant, yet potentially dangerous, idea from the boredom of me. I should patent these.Of course, then someone will try it, get injured, and sue me. Maybe patenting these is not a good idea. Of course, people say that about the Flying Cheesecake Fortress of Doom. But they'll see, they'll all see, MUAHAHAHAHAHA! whew. ah sundays. A deliciously bland smoothie of  boredom and crazy. Sunday is the mother of all emotional ups and downs.

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