Friday, June 4, 2010

Love over and over

I was watching an old war movie for a class and two of the characters brought up an interesting point. The mother said "How many times did we have to fall in love all over again?" And it hit me. What if that's what love is. What if it's not just falling into it once and then maintaining it as you both grow and change? What if the truth is that you keep falling in love with each other over and over? Then you both end up growing into someone the other person can still fall in love with. Maybe the divorce rate is so high because people think it should be a one time thing instead of a lifelong pursuit. When a man tells a woman she looks beautiful in the morning, maybe it's not because he feels obligated, maybe it's because he fell in love with her again. When a woman does something equally weird and gender specific (I have no clue what girls do) maybe it's because she fell in love again. Every day you fall in love again and the love changes and grows with you. All things change in time. Maybe love grows just like a living being. What if the key to happiness is realizing that even love will grow? What if finding the person for you isn't about finding someone who loves you, but finding someone who loves you over and over? Maybe the truth is that love is easy, it's loving again that is hard. If I'm right (purely hypothetical reasoning on my part) then I can only hope that those of you out there who love each other realize that love is not something that you are always in, but instead it is something you fall into every day. May you wake up every morning next to the person you loved yesterday and fall in love with the person they are today.

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  1. I have to say, Tad, that this is an inspiring post. I really think you're on to something here; what you said really makes sense.

    Thanks for this.