Monday, June 7, 2010


I hate drama. I have avoided some relationships because I felt there would be too much drama. Somehow, it hit me. The reason I don't like people in general, is because the majority of people seem to exist purely on drama. All these TV shows and comics and such, they are all about drama. Now, I don't mind drama too much if their is spies, superpowers, or paranormal phenomena. But making a show about normal people with insane amounts of drama? It drives me insane. I never really got into friends. It had its moments, but the comedy could not overpower the stench of drama for me. Heroes has so much drama, I watched the first season telling myself that eventually the superpowers would outweigh the drama. It didn't. Even the coolness of well-done and well thought out and original super powers couldn't save the show for me. It all comes down to one thing. I hate drama. I would capitalize hate, but even that would not sufficiently convey my level of loathing. And its not just TV. I hate drama in real life too. So many problems have simple solutions if everybody would just cut the drama. The problem is that people create drama, sometimes unintentionally. A guy cheats on you? Dump him. Move on. Yeah, it'll hurt for a bit but you'll be better off. Oh, but you love him? GTFO. I can't talk to you, I don't want to see you because you are creating drama. You don't love him, you love the drama. If you loved him, and he's a cheater, you wouldn't be whining about how he is cheating. And guys, jealousy? Yeah, your girlfriend is awesome. That's why she's your girlfriend. Other guys are gonna be attracted to her. She chose you. If she goes and chooses someone else then she probably wasn't in love with you in the first place. There is no need for drama in life. Drama is entertainment. That's why there is the theatre. Leave drama on the screen. Efficiency experts should have this as a motto. CUT the DRAMA! Sometimes people I care about get dramatic. Ok, it happens. I love 'em anyway, but I can't help think that they're being idiots. And terrorists are the biggest freaking drama queens on the planet! They attack and then hide in their holes because they want attention. Some of them may truly believe they have a higher calling, but the leaders just want the drama so they can seem more important than the average person. Drama does not make the world more interesting, it makes it annoying.

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